OnlyUSpace Rules

The Space Rules shall be as follows:
1. Management
1.1. In these Space Rules, the references to the “Management” shall mean Only U Space and Community(s).
1.2. IThe Management is entrusted to enforce these Rules at all times.
2. General
2.1. The Space & Space is situated at <10 Anson Road #31 – 06, International Plaza, Singapore 079903>.
2.2. These Rules shall apply to all Members, all Nominees of Corporate Members, spouses and children of all Members and Nominees of Corporate Members, and all guests and visitors.
2.3. Any reference to a time of day and dates in these Rules shall be in reference to Singapore time and dates, unless otherwise stated.
2.4. Members are required to register on the reception when they are on the Space premises or login to the member check-in system upon the request of any staff member of the Space (including but not limited to security, staff at the Space’s food and beverage establishments).
2.5. Members are obliged to, as soon as practicably reasonable:

Reset the member system data when they have been approved to transfer his/her membership by management; if ceases to be a Member, transfer, or membership termination date (as the case may be). The permanent membership administrative fee of Singapore Dollars Fifty (S$50.00) (7% GST included) is unreturned.
2.6. Any Member who breaks or damages any property of the Space or on the Space premises shall be liable to the Space for all costs necessarily incurred for repairs or replacements.
2.7. Members are required to login to their member loyalty system before any transaction is charged to their Member’s Account. Members who forget the password must reset for a new password at the Front Desk in order to utilise the Facilities and to charge transactions to their Member’s Account.
2.8. The Management may at any time require any person, be it a Member, guest of a Member, or visitor to leave the Space premises if Management is satisfied that the person is causing or would cause nuisance, annoyance or pose a potential danger (whether related to health, safety, or otherwise), to other persons at the Space.
2.9. Members and guests shall at all times use the Space and Facilities provided in such manner so as not to interfere with the reasonable comfort of, or be a nuisance to, other Members and guests of the Club and so as not to damage or possibly damage the Space’s property. Members shall duly observe all reasonable requests made by the Management in this regard. The Management shall be the sole arbiter as to the reasonableness of such a request.
2.10. Animals and pets, unless they are trained service dogs for the visually impaired and/or handicapped, are strictly restricted to the multi-function areas of the Space and the owner is wholly responsible for the actions of the animal and for picking up after the animal. All dogs must be on a leash at all times.
2.11. The Management reserves the right to make all or parts of the Space and/or Facilities available to non- members for special events, including, without limitation, private parties and charitable events. In this respect, the Management shall be entitled to determine the frequency and scheduling of special events in its sole discretion, and to restrict Members’ use of the affected Space and/or Facilities during such events under such circumstances, terms and conditions, and upon payment of such fees and charges, as the Management shall determine in its sole and absolute discretion.
2.12. The Management shall be the sole authority to determine the hours of operation of the Space and the Facilities, and shall be entitled to shut down parts of the Space and/or Facilities for maintenance, repair and for any other purposes, as Management deems appropriate.
3. Attire
3.1. Members, spouses, children, guests and visitors to the Space shall dress in an appropriate manner suitable to the decorum of the Space, and reasonably acceptable to the membership of the Space. Torn, patched, scantly or provocative attire is not acceptable. Appropriate footwear is required when on the Space premises. Bare feet are not acceptable in the Space and or meeting facilities.
3.2. The following terms when used in any notice of the Space shall have the meaning ascribed to them below:

Formal: Jacket and tie
Smart Casual: Collared shirt or collared T-shirt with long trousers. Casual: T-shirt with shorts
Where the above ascribed meanings are applicable to the female gender, they shall be interpreted to mean attire of a similar form.
3.3. The Space reserves the right to determine if a Member’s attire is appropriate and if not, Management may ask any person to leave the Space premises.
4. Guests
4.1. Each Member is allowed to introduce guests.
4.2. Members introducing guests must enter their guest name(s) into the guest book/registration system provided before using the Facilities. A guest must be accompanied by a Member at all times while on the Space premises.
4.3. A Member who fails to register his/her guests more than three (3) times within a ninety (90) calendar day period of time may be subjected to disciplinary action.
4.4. Members are responsible for the proper conduct and behavior of their guests and shall be responsible for any damage caused by their guests.
4.5. Guests and visitors may be asked to leave the Space’s premises by the Management if their behavior or conduct causes annoyance to other Members, and shall promptly cease the offensive behavior or leave the Space’s premises as requested.
4.6. The use of the Facilities by guests and/or visitors may be restricted from time to time by Management.
4.7. Upon the written request of a Member, a guest may settle bills by using cash, Nets, Paynow, Bank Transfer or any approved credit card.
4.8. For avoidance of doubt, Junior Dependents and Minors are not allowed to introduce any guest to the Space at any and all times.
5. Visitors
5.1. Visitors using the Space under reciprocal and/or affiliate Space arrangements shall register at the Space Front Desk before using any of the Facilities.
5.2. Visitors shall provide the membership number of introduction from the space of which they are members and with whom the Space has reciprocity and/or affiliate arrangements.
5.3. Visitors shall settle all their bills with cash, Nets, Paynow, Bank Transfer or any approved credit card and pay the appropriate use fees as determined by the Space from time to time.

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